November 23, 2020 Author:

The first Catholic New Testament in Kerala is the one published from Manjummel in 1905. The Text was the translation from Latin Vulgate with commentary prepared by Fr. Luis Vypissery TOCD, Fr. Michael Puthenparambil TOCD, Fr. Polycarp Kadaviparambil TOCD. This is now republished with the imprimatur by Dr. Joseph Kariyil (KRLCBC President and Bishop of Cochin) and the blessing of Dr. Joseph Kalathiparambil (Archbishop of Verapoly). Dr. Augustine Mulloor OCD is the editor of the republication. Manjummel New Testament marks the decisive moment of biblical Renaissance in Kerala Church. Through its republication we are reclaiming this historic milestone. It is published in three volumes: Gospels & Acts of the Apostles; Revelation; Epistles. (October 2020).