Ayurnikethan Hospital is a 20 bedded hospital, run by the Discalced Carmelites of Manjummel Province, Kerala, India.

Hospital was established in Manjummel by the Carmelite Fathers of the Manjummel Province in 1888 with a view to impart medical assistance to the poor patients of this locality. It was the first private mission hospital in the state of Kerala and the second one in India. It has the fame and tribute to be the first Hospital in India in combining the Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment together to restore the health of the patients through holistic approach in the medical service. For its founder Rev. Bro. Nicholas Verouvan, a Doctor of great renown has also formulated certain medicines in Ayurveda, which are still in use. This hospital leaves behind it a glorious history of service for the poor in the promotion of health.

The main emphasis to launch our services in the medical area was not of any profit motive but purely out of the belief ‘’to serve the Lord in the sick’’ and in the bedridden. To achieve this motto we decided:

To care the sick without any discrimination of caste ,creed and religion
To care the sick with at most patience and to show they are cared for.
To impart human values in all aspects of medical needs and services rather than self interest
To value life and to promote pro life activities through the medical services.
To provide qualitative service in medical needs without neglecting the human values at a rate that the ordinary man can afford.

One can experience a homely atmosphere , with professional staff for a reasonable price. We have an Ayurveda Doctor, two male staff and five female staff.

Cure Monastery

In 2007, approx. 175 Km(109 mls) from Cochin, elevated in 1800m (almost 6000ft) we discovered a secluded Carmelite monastery remote to any civilization where monks are living in untouched nature, embedded in a magnificent landscape leading a contemplative life. With an average temperature of 25 C (77 F) the climate is most pleasant and more tolerable than the hot and humid coastal region.

Ayurveda in Paradise

SubmitIn this decorated monastery and together with the Carmelite administration GlobalVeda realized a dream project, a dream come true to anybody with a true affinity to nature and Ayurveda. An Ayurveda partition was set up under the administration of competent and experienced ayurvedic doctors and therapists. For the time being 12 newly decorated rooms accommodate patients with a simple, yet western comfort. Not only the treatment itself is supposed to take it’s effects but the location’s magic with it’s nature, spiritual environment and biological food, food coming from an untouched nature on the one side, prepared to strict Ayurveda guidelines on the other. Meditation, Yoga, spiritual as well as mental guidance to your disposal will complement the program.

A place to get in touch with yourself

SubmitPatients at this health monastery get a unique opportunity to learn and practice the core of Ayurveda: to get in touch with your „self“ and your inner feelings without any external distraction, re-think your life in order to make necessary changes, to not only think about superficial symptoms of disease or fatigue, but to make basic and effective changes.

Vision and offer

SubmitIn this location, exempt of climatic changes, overpopulation and industrialization we were able to realize a vision for you which was only possible to realize in approximation with cooperating, established Ayurveda clinics: top class medicine, undisturbed privacy, space, affordable prices, a location to “heal”. But we do not only want to practice Ayurveda. The Cure-Monastery is open to therapists and trainers who want to hold their own seminars at any time and want to accommodate their own clients.

Little discursions

Submit Close to Marayoor there is a real little rainforest, one of the last heavily guarded sandalwood forests of India (a particular kind of tropical rainforest) with wild elephants and lots of intrinsic plants and animals unique to this part of the world. 5000 year old dolmen (pre-historic burial chambers) pay witness to a history of humans and nature living in harmony. To those of our patients which find it hard to consequently pursue the sanatory solitude or simply want to „just relax“ we offer little trekking tours to visit natives and get a glimpse of a world that seems to be on hold.