St Pius X Manjummel Province of Discalced Carmelites has a century and half history of its own. Its origin goes back to 1857. Over 150 years of mission with a vision.OCD Manjummel Province is the biggest province in the order of Discalced Carmelites with 214 friars and 109 seminarians. We are a missionary Province with a vision ahead in spreading the gospel of Christ in the spirit of Carmel far and wide of our planet. The fruits of Manjummel Mission gave birth to Karnataka Goa Province, Tamil Nadu Province, Andhra province, Indonesian Province. Odisha vicariate and now launched a new mission in Zambia.

Today, from its humble beginnings, the seed of Carmelite Mission has grown up into a big tree, stretching its branches in an impressive manner all over India.  Our province spreads its mission through Spiritual ministry & social ministry. Institutions like Carmelite Retreat Centre at Manjummel, CEC at Perumpadappu, Jyothir Bhavan, and Kalamassery are the spiritual hub of our province through which we try to spread the Teresian spirituality.

Social ministry consists of   8 schools, 2 hospitals, 6 women social centres and 2 boys’ homes. Social centres besieged the welfare of women. It was a great relief for the family to meet the expense of marriage of its daughter. And in the case of married women it was a means of meeting the day today expense especially for the education of their children. We have three V guard stabiliser units and three stitching centres. All the units function with its effectiveness and activeness. Every unit functions under the able guidance and the presence of priests.

Carmel welfare Centre , Varapuzha

The name and place called “VARAPUZHA” is closely connected with the very history of the Catholic church of Kerala. This small island along the Periyar River was the capital of the Vicariate of Varapuzha and the residence and place of activity of many zealous and famous Carmelite Missionaries. On 15th August 1974 the Carmelites started a welfare centre for women of the backward families on Island. Since then it was an inordinate support for many families.  Here we have V guard stabilizer unit with 31 women staff. As V Guard Company started manufacturing unit of their own the target of production came down and in a chaos to raise the salary of the staff as it is subjected to production target.  Therefore, we have chalked out a plan to give birth to a stitching unit which may give an ample opportunity for the women to have consistent salary.

Vimala welfare centre , Kanuchukulangara, Alapuzha

 The centre started on 20th March 1995. It is a stabilizer assembling unit named VIMALA WELFARE CENTRE under the autonomous of V Guard Company.  At present we have 24 women staff that is energetic and they commit to work with much dedication to meet the target. Number of families depends on its income to meet the daily expenses of their home.

Amala Welfare Centre, Kanichukulangara, Alappuzha

AMALA WELFARE CENTRE was launched in 1999 it is a stitching unit.    The centre consists of 55 working women staff. They are able to commit themselves to the work to reach the set target to have a stable income to make their life secure.  

Karmala Pathirappally, Alapuzha

Karmala welfare Centre started on 13th April 2013. It was started as a branch of Amala Welfare Centre, Kanichukulangara in order to produce inner Vestments in collaboration with V-Star.   The total Number of working staff is 60 including an Office staff and a Supervisor. The unit is so active and vibrant trying to increase the target to have a safe income.

Avila social centre , Maruvakkadu, Kochi

Avila Social Centre was started in the year 2003. It is a Registered Women Society under the society Act.  V-guard was ready to continue the unit in Maruvakkad. The unit started to manufacture Electronic Voltage Stabilizer and Transformers. At present the unit is making different models of stabilizers for V-guard industries. There are 17 women staff working in the unit.

Antonian welfare centre, Kara, Trissur

The Antonian welfare centre was started on 13.06.2013. The centre at the initial stage committed to make bags, dresses for kids etc. unfortunately it was not successful. Later we launched a stitching unit in collaboration with Blossom Company on 09.11.2015. Since then we have 42 women staff and a priest as director committed for the welfare of the unit.


A glimpse at the endeavours of social department of our province gives a clear picture of the valuable contribution our province has been rendering to the dynamism of the church and to the growth of the Carmelite order. A retrospective glance at the past reveals that there are heights still to be scaled depths to be dived into and terrains to be explored. The goal is clear but the path to be trudged is long. Trusting in the providence of God and clinging to him with in flinching hope and optimism the province strive to live its ideal as envisaged by our Holy parents to the full through the intercession of Mary, the mother of Carmel.