TIDES (Teresian Integral Development Society)
Cemetery Junction- Kochi, pin 682018


The name of the society

The name of the society is TIDES (Teresian Integral Development Society).


The address

This society is established in the Ernakulam district, in Kochi Corporation, at Cemetery junction. It is under the jurisdiction of the Kanayanoor Taluk and Village. It is also in the Ernakulam North post office area. The address shall be Secretary, TIDES, Carmelite provincial House, Cemetery Junction, P.B. No.3032, kochi-682018, Kerala, India.

The area of operation:

The area of operation will be all the states of India.

Registered office:

The registered office of the society shall be at Kanayannoor Panchayat, Ward no.67, building no- 43/1421. The executive council shall have the power to start or function additional offices anywhere in India within the area of operation for easy access of the needy and the suffering.


The objectives for which the society is established are, irrespective of caste, creed, sex and community and irrespective of the financial capacity of the person, purely for philanthropic purpose:

  • to promote works of charity for those in need.
  • to promote developmental programs to attain total development of people.
  • to provide employment to people who belong to the deprived classes while ensuring a sustainable development for the community.
  • to develop savings and thrift habits among the rural people.
  • to encourage the rural people to undertake rural micro enterprises.
  • to equip self-help groups as a focal point for all development to engage, study and participate in the activities that are aimed at the physical, moral, religious, scientific, cultural, psychological and social development of the people.