Freshers Day 2024 Welcomes New Brothers at San Juan Bhavan

May 15, 2024 Author:

San Juan Bhavan, May 15, 2024 — In a warm and vibrant ceremony, San Juan Bhavan welcomed 12 new brothers to its formation house from Pius Nagar on May 15, 2024. The freshers, accompanied by their parents and the Initiation Director, Fr. John Louiz, were formally introduced to the community in an event marked by joy, spirituality, and a sense of communal harmony.

The Freshers Day celebration began at 4:00 pm in the auditorium with a soulful prayer song, setting a reverent tone for the evening. Fr. Peter Kakkara, with heartfelt enthusiasm, welcomed all attendees, creating an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity.

Rev. Fr. Paxi Alumkal, the Councillor in charge of Formation, addressed the gathering with an inspiring message. He emphasized the distinctive style of formation practiced at San Juan Bhavan, focusing on holistic development, spiritual growth, and communal living. His words resonated deeply with both the newcomers and the existing community members, highlighting the importance of commitment and dedication in their spiritual journey.

The event also featured felicitations from key figures within the community. Fr. Paul T., the Vocation Promoter, Fr. Johnson, the Director of Pius Nagar, and Fr. Tijo Xavir each delivered their greetings and well-wishes, underscoring the significance of the day and the bright future ahead for the new brothers.

Adding a touch of festivity, the second-year students organized a cultural program to welcome their younger peers. This cultural stage, filled with music, dance, and performances, reflected the camaraderie and vibrant life within the formation house, making the new brothers feel at home.

Fr. Albin Francis, the Director of San Juan Bhavan, expressed his gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the event. His thanks extended to the organizing committee, the performers, and everyone present, acknowledging the collective effort that made the day memorable.

The evening culminated in the Solemn Benediction of the Holy Eucharist, officiated by Rev. Fr. Paxi Alumkal. This sacred ritual provided a fitting conclusion to the Freshers Day celebrations, reinforcing the spiritual foundation upon which the formation house stands.

The Freshers Day 2024 at San Juan Bhavan was not just an introduction of new members but a celebration of unity, faith, and the beginning of a profound journey in religious formation. The event left a lasting impression on all attendees, symbolizing the community’s commitment to nurturing and guiding the new brothers in their path of spiritual and personal growth.