First Plenary Council of the Triennum 2023-2026 Convenes at Pio Hall, Kalamassery

May 10, 2024 Author:

The First Plenary Council of the Triennum 2023-2026 was successfully held on the 9th and 10th of May at Pio Hall, located within the Provincial House in Kalamassery. The two-day event saw the participation of more than 80 Friars, marking a significant assembly for the religious community.

The Plenary Council was convened to discuss and deliberate on numerous vital matters concerning the administration and spiritual direction of the Friars. The gathering was characterized by a spirit of fraternity and a shared commitment to the mission and values of the community.

During the Council, several key topics were addressed. These included strategic planning for the upcoming triennium, enhancing community life, fostering vocations, and addressing the pastoral and social needs of the regions served by the Friars. Additionally, the Council focused on improving formation programs and ensuring the spiritual and professional development of its members.

A highlight of the Council was the discussion on the implementation of new initiatives aimed at social outreach and engagement. The Friars explored ways to enhance their presence and support within local communities, emphasizing the importance of service and solidarity.

The Plenary Council also provided a platform for the Friars to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This exchange of ideas was crucial for fostering a sense of unity and collective purpose. Special sessions were dedicated to addressing current global and local issues, ensuring that the Friars remain responsive to the changing needs of society.

The First Plenary Council of the Triennum 2023-2026 at Pio Hall has set a strong foundation for the future, with a clear focus on spiritual growth, community service, and responsive leadership. The participating Friars departed with renewed inspiration and a shared vision for the coming years.

The successful convening of this Council reflects the dedication and unity of the Friars, as they continue to work towards their mission of faith and service. The outcomes of the meeting are expected to have a positive impact on the community and its endeavors, fostering a spirit of collaboration and commitment to their shared goals.