Immaculate Conception Church, Manjummel, Reverently Marks 158th Feast Day Celebrations

December 8, 2023 Author:

In a grand celebration spanning from December 2 to 15, the Immaculate Conception Church in Manjummel commemorated its 158th Feast Day with fervor and spirituality. The faithful gathered in large numbers to participate in a series of religious events, culminating in a momentous feast that underscored the deep-rooted traditions of the parish.

The preparation for the feast included a spiritually enriching retreat conducted by Fr. Bibin Choothamparambil, drawing parishioners into a period of reflection and prayer in anticipation of the joyous occasion.

On December 4, the parish came together to celebrate Parish Day, a time for unity and community bonding. The highlight of the day was the hosting of the feast flag by Rev. Fr. Sacharias Pavanathara, symbolizing the official commencement of the festivities.

December 7 was dedicated to Carmelite Day, an occasion to honor the Carmelite order. Very Rev. Fr. Provincial Augustine Mulloor presided over the holy mass, with the participation of numerous Carmelite fathers from the Manjummel province. The atmosphere was imbued with reverence as the congregation received blessings from the esteemed clergy.

A significant milestone occurred on December 8, as Most Rev. Dr. Archbishop Joseph Kalathiparambil graced the occasion with a Pontifical Mass. The archbishop’s presence added a profound spiritual dimension to the celebrations, and parishioners were uplifted by his inspirational words.

Throughout the festivities, the Immaculate Conception Church remained a beacon of faith and unity for the community. The faithful expressed their gratitude for the spiritual guidance provided by the clergy, and the parishioners’ unwavering devotion was evident in the enthusiastic participation in the various events.

As the 158th Feast Day celebrations come to a close, the Immaculate Conception Church in Manjummel stands as a testament to the enduring faith and rich traditions that bind the community together. The festivities have left an indelible mark on the hearts of the faithful, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual renewal that will undoubtedly resonate in the parish for years to come.