Although prayer and contemplation is at the very heart of Carmel, they are not separated from nor do they exclude the apostolate. On the contrary, it is our prayer and contemplation that impel us to and are the fruitful source of our apostolate. Therefore, it is from a close union with God in Jesus Christ that Carmelite mission originates.The mission of Carmel thus is a blend of both contemplation and the apostolate. Carmelite mission is in the service of the Church and of all humankind. In keeping with the charism and inspiration of St. Teresa, Carmelite prayer and contemplation are ardently apostolic and ecclesial. They are graces for the Church in her service to the world. Carmelite prayer and contemplation are directed to the support, welfare, and apostolic fruitfulness of all those engaged in the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. This missionary spirit is very evident in the life of Manjummel province. The missionary initiatives of the province have facilitated the birth of the new units in the Order. As a semi-province it shouldered the responsibility for the Mangalore and Goa missions passed on by Flanders Province. Thus after 23 years of service the Karnataka-Goa Province originated in 1981. The missions of the Province in Tamil Nadu particularly in Manalikkarai and Podanur, gave a mighty share in the origin of the present Tamil Nadu Province. Andhra Mission which started in 1972 became a Province in 2011. The Indonesian Mission which started in 1981 became a Commissariat in 2011. Manjummel province at present takes care of two missions namely Odisha Mission and Zambia mission. Odisha mission that was founded in 1992 is now a Regional Vicariate and is actively on the path of growth. The new mission in Zambia (Africa) has witnessed extra-ordinary growth since its inception 2014.


  Zambia Mission :The Beginning Zambia is a vast land of 752,617 km located in the south eastern Africa with an estimated population…

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REGIONAL VICARIATE OF ODISHA The mission activity in Odisha by Manjummel Province came into existence with the inauguration of an erected Monastery…

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