April 3, 2018 Author: Dr. Augustine Mulloor OCD 0 Comments


Easter is the definitive revelation and the undisputable miracle of the Reign of God on earth: the victory of God for humanity over every other power: sickness, natural catastrophes, demon and death. It is the permanent assurance for the humans that  darkness is overpowered by light, despair by hope, hatred by love, sadness by joy, helplessness by strength, chaos by order, formlessness by form, laziness by fervour, inertia by dynamism, violence by peace, anger by self control, greed by modesty, mediocrity by commitment, fear by daringness, carelessness by involvement, earthly by heavenly and carnal by spiritual.

Then, we have no reason to be disheartened and have every reason to go ahead towards the infinite horizon opened by the Risen Jesus. So Christians have no right to close themselves up in the tomb. They are supposed to “look at the things that are above” and fix their eyes in heaven and foot themselves on the earth with the commitment and involvement to transform it. However, the Christians themselves and all human beings need sign posts indicating this surety of the infinite future, reminders that we can come out of the dark tunnels on the path of life, witnesses who convince them that there is still a third way when the two roads in front of them are suddenly closed.

This is the life and mission of consecrated persons in the Church and in the society: to experience the infinite and unlimited horizon of possibilities opened by  the Resurrection of Jesus through vowed life, prayer and community living and to trumpet it to the world through words and deeds, to be the symbols of continuous charismatic growth and transformation, to be persons  who never allow settling, fixing, closing off and withdrawing, TO BE EASTER TRUMPETERS  WHO DARE  SAY , WHEN EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO GIVE UP, “IT IS STILL POSSIBLE”.  THOSE WHO DARE SAY, “ON THE THIRD DAY GOD WILL RAISE US UP…” AND THUS LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN THE DARKNESS.  Happy Easter!

Author: Dr. Augustine Mulloor OCD