Tribute to the Deceased Members

November 11, 2023 Author:

In a heartfelt commemoration of the departed souls, a solemn mass was held on November 11, 2013, at the Immaculate Conception Church in Manjummel. The occasion served as a poignant tribute to the deceased members of the province, drawing together grieving families, Reverend Fathers, and the broader community.

The main celebrant for the mass was the Reverend Fr. Augustine Mulloor, the Provincial, whose spiritual leadership guided the congregation through a solemn and reflective service. The significance of the occasion was further emphasized by the presence of councillors Fr. Prasad, Fr. Yeshudas, and Fr. Jossy. Adding to the unity of the occasion, fathers from neighbouring communities joined the congregation.

Relatives of the departed members were specially invited to partake in the mass, fostering a sense of community support and shared grief. The somber yet uplifting atmosphere of the Immaculate Conception Church provided a sanctuary for attendees to come together and find solace in their shared memories.

Following the Holy Mass, a prayer session unfolded in the cemetery, where the final resting places of the departed members are honoured. The collective prayers offered a poignant moment of reflection, as those in attendance remembered and expressed gratitude for the lives of the deceased.

As the prayers echoed through the cemetery, a sense of unity and shared grief enveloped the gathered community, emphasising the importance of coming together in times of loss to find strength and solace in each other and in the enduring power of faith.