“Thousands Attend Mission Retreat at Tankey: Carmelite Fathers Lead Inspirational Week-long Event”

March 26, 2024 Author:

“Tankey Cherthala was bustling with spiritual seekers as the Carmelite Fathers led a week-long Mission Retreat, drawing thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds. Together, they embarked on a journey of spiritual renewal and enlightenment. Throughout the retreat, 33 dedicated members from our province actively participated, showing unwavering commitment and unity. The esteemed Father Provincial concluded the event with a meaningful mass, offering invaluable support and guidance to the team.

Fr Prasad Theruvath, overseeing the retreat, shared his wisdom, amplifying its impact, while Fr Babu Paul, Fr Nelson Job and Fr Sibi John coordinated seamlessly, ensuring everyone’s engagement .  while the presence of our seven deacons enriched the experience for all. Fr. Subash was leading the choir gave a heavenly touch.As the echoes of spiritual awakening linger, the Emission Retreat at Tankey Cherthala stands as a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith and community.