JUBILEE-Jyotir Bhavan & Sacred Heart Philosophy College

February 15, 2020 Author:

Walking by faith is like walking in the moon light…
you’ve just enough light for the next step…

Jyotir Bhavan, the home of light has been, for the past 40 years radiating the light of Christ. It has sheltered many and prepared them to yield hundred fold and down the years the radiating light has reached far and wide. It still continues its journey of faith waking many hearts to the true knowledge. Being the temple of knowledge and cradle of wisdom Jyotir Bhavan has formed many men and women to empower the society with the Word of God and thus played a vital role in evangelizing the Indian church and the Universal Church. As the Word of God leads and guides the life of a person and the same Word becomes the destiny of each soul, JB has helped many to become the carrier of this Word so that the sojourners may not lose their way in the daily struggles of life.
The year 2020 adds a special flavor in to the history of Jyotir Bhavan as it celebrates the 40th year of its foundation and the 25th year of the beginning of B. Th. The programmes which held on 13th,14th and 15th of February added more colour to the Jubilee celebration. A three days programme was arranged for the Celebration… 40thyear of Aluva Sacred Heary Philosophy College, 40thyear of Jyotir bhavan Spirtuality course, 25th year of Jyotir Bhavan Theology college and 25th of the extension to Day Scholars of SH.
2020 is also is the 25th year of opening up of the Philosophy college for the students of other religious congregations. The celebrations reminded the hard work and the visionary spirit of the forerunners of JB and the Scred Heart Philosophy college and the dedicated commitment of the members of the Manjummel Province… It has greatly contributed to the growth of the church of Kerala and the church as a whole.
The Jubilee celebration began on 13th February with the PAAL(Papaali Acharuparambil Annual Lectures) by Dr.Abraham Thomas IAS on the topic -Religion ,Peace and India. A football and Volley Ball tournament was arranged in the noon for the Philosophy and Theology students.
On the 2nd day of the Jubilee celebration Alumini meeting was held for the Old Theology Students of JB and Philosophy students of SH and many participated in it from within and outside Kerala. A class was conducted by Adv.Shery Thomason the Citizenship Bill, the burning issue of the present India. A Thanksgiving Mass was offered at 3 pm of the same day for which Rev.Dr.Augustine Mulloor, the Provincial of Manjummel province was the chief celebrant and many of the old students concelebrated the Holy Eucharist.
On 15th of February, the Jubilee day a Public meeting was held at 5 pm.Rt Rev.Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil, the Bishop Emiritus of Alappuzha was the chief guest of the day. The OCD Definitor General Rev.Dr. Johannes Gorantla delivered the Inaugural address and Rev.Dr.Augustine Mulloor, the Provincial of Manjummel Province delivered the chief address. Carmelgiri Pontifical seminary Rector Rev.Dr. Chacko Puthenpurackal and KRLCC secretaryMr.Shaji George felicitated the function.
Rev. Dr. Thomas Marottikaparambil, the president of Jyotir Bhavan welcomed everyone to the gathering and Rev.Dr. Prasad theruvath, the Rector of Aluva SH Philosophy college delivered the Vote of thanks. The college magazine MENORAH was inaugurated on the same day by Rt. Rev.Dr.Stephen Athipozhiyil. There was also a Cultural Event by Theology, Philosophy and Spirituality students and the Novices of different Congregations.
Jyotir Bhavan continues its journey by radiating its light to many and leading many to the right path of light. Jubilee also reminds each one of us that we stand in our own ground, hold our heads high andshow the way and create hope in our surroundings, that we may ‘incarnate’ the theology inthe ongoing history and cocreate it rather than stand by watching, and that we may embodythe light of Christ confidently and radiate it joyfully in a way that unites and embraceseverything and everyone.

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