Annual Retreat Second Batch

October 6, 2023 Author:

In a spiritually enriching gathering, the annual retreat for the second batch of Friars commenced on October 1st and concluded on October 6th. The retreat, led by Reverend Fr. Vipin Choothamparambil of the Verapoly Diocese, proved to be a source of profound inspiration for approximately 80 priests hailing from diverse communities.

The serene and contemplative setting for this spiritually invigorating experience was the CRC Manjummel. The retreat provided the attending Friars with a unique opportunity for reflection, meditation, and deepening their spiritual connection.

Rev. Fr. Vipin Choothamparambil, renowned for his spiritual insights and guidance, led the retreat, offering valuable wisdom and lessons to the participants. His teachings were well-received, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual growth and renewal.

The retreat was not only an occasion for individual introspection but also a time for community bonding and sharing of experiences. The 80 priests in attendance hailed from various communities, and this retreat allowed them to connect on a deeper level and strengthen their collective spiritual journey.

The venue, CRC Manjummel, provided an idyllic backdrop for this period of reflection and growth, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility.

As the retreat came to a close on October 6th, it left a lasting impact on all those who participated, equipping them with renewed spiritual vigor and a stronger sense of purpose in their sacred calling. This annual retreat serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of these Friars to their spiritual journeys and their communities.