Literary Contributions

December 3, 2019 Author:

1. The I.S. Press, Ernakulam was begun first in Koonammavu in 1869. It was later transferred to Varapuzha in 1880 and to Ernakulam in 1896.  Bro. Thomas Thattarassery TOCD served as the Manager of this press for 35 years.

  • Little Flower Press, Manjummel was inaugurated on January 17, 1927, on the day in which Therese of Lisieux was canonized in Rome. The first pictures to be printed were those of the Sacred Heart and St. Therese of Lisieux. On February 2, 1928, Bro. Leopold TOCD was appointed the Manager of the press and ever since the printing of Cherupushpam and Thiruhrydayadoothan magazines were published from this press.  Besides, it came the beehive in the printing and publishing  of many Christian devotional books, book-lets, brochures and pictures. The press continues to render its precious services until now.
  • Little Flower Press, Perumpadappu was started in 1935 under the able leadership of Fr. Rocky Balummel TOCD. It was printing venue of Thiruhrydayadoothan for several years.  It served as a training center for the boys in the printing trade.
  • Publication of Cherupushpam Magazine

The publication of Cherupushpam Magazine was begun in the form of a manuscript copy from the Aspirants’ House, Ernakulam. Initially it was the idea of Mr. K.A. Paul,the Co-Editor of Sathanada Kahalam together with some other lay Catholics,  to begin a magazine.  They wanted it to be attached to an Institution. Even though the Ecclesiastical authorities signalled green flag, they were reluctant to grant any economic support.  Then they approached Fr. Michael TOCD, the Prior General of Manjummel, who wholeheartedly supported it.  Under his tutelage and responsibility, the magazine was printed.  The first issue was only 500 copies, but reached to the heights of 25,000 copies in its peak days.  The magazine is still published by the Province in the Little Flower Press, Manjummel.  The publication has never been interrupted.

  • Publication of Little Flower Magazine

Under the patronage of the Holy Family Monastery at Perumpadappu, there began the publication of a magazine in English named after Little Flower.  The intention was to propagate the devotion and doctrine of St. Therese of Lisieux.  Its first issue was published in May 1936.  The magazine aimed also at the spreading the Catholic education. Until 1941, the magazine was published, but it had to be closed down due to great economic strains.  We remember with gratitude Mr. Alexander Parambithara M.M.L.T. who served the magazine as its Editor.

  • Publication of Kunjumasika

To enhance missionary spirit among the children, this magazine was started by Fr. Bonaventure OCD.  The first publication was in 1954 from Manjummel.  This little magazine had many readers from the parishes of Cochin and Verapoly dioceses, but it could not survive the economic liabilities and distribution hazards. It ceased to be published from 1959.   

  • Jyotir Dharma Publications, Jyotir Bhavan, Kalamassery.

Under the Institute of Spirituality, Jyotir Dhara Publications was begun in 1980s at Jyotir Bhavan.  The principal aim was to publish theological and spiritual books for the contemporary needs of the Christians in India. Later, this title of the Publication was given to the Periodical published from the faculty of Theology and Spirituality at Jyotir Bhavan. The Periodical came to be known as “Jyotir Dhara”.  The publication itself was then named “Jyotir Dharma”. In the course of these years it has published around 140 books in English and Malayalam.

  • Jyotir Dhara Journal

As Jyotir Bhavan became a theological Faculty affiliated to the Pontifical Institute of Theology, Teresianum, Rome in 1996,it was decided to publish the Journal of Religion and Spiritual Life in 1999.  For the first few years, there was only one issue per year, but later the Journal began to be published in two issues per year.  The contemporary theological and spiritual issues are treated in this Journal.  It is being distributed nationally and internationally.